Friday, June 19, 2009

Blog Hopping #2

Once again I find myself being dragged out of bed at 4.30am by a screaming 2 yo toddler who just wants to go downstairs and will not be convinced that it is night time (even though I tried for nearly an hour to get him back to bed) and mummy is very very tired.........sigh..........if only I didn't care that he will wake up his 1 yo sister up and his very grumpy late shift working dad!

So.......I set my son up with a Diego dvd and hot chocolate; me a cup of tea, my computer and some toothpicks for my eyes, and start blog hopping. There are some great blogs out there and I feel that I need to give credit.

Heart Hugs - a challenge blog that uses Etsy stores for inspiration - great prizes, great stories (especially Parker's birth story)

Stamp Happy - designer for 2RedBananas. True art!

Paper Clipping - Got this link from Ali Edward's site. There is a video tutorial on 'bubbles' and visual triangles on Ali's blog, but Paper Clipping have many more free ones, plus lots more for members. If you have ever had trouble scrapbooking (like me...sigh...) then, this is for you.

Naturally Felt - Etsy Store member that sells beautiful environmentally saving lunch bags; totes and stuff for kids.........amazingly beautiful fabrics used. Well worth the look.

Well, thats about it from me. I made a card for my beautiful niece Emily who turned 10 this month but as usual didn't take a photo.

There won't be much blogging happening here for the next month as we are moving house (for 9 months whilst ours is being built) and as you can appreciate - is a huge headache, so dont give up on me and please come back. Love the comments. Promise I will be good and post lots once we have moved.

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jami said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the link here! Best of luck with your move - having just done it myself I can understand the difficulties! Hope your move goes smoothly and you're back to posting soon!