Monday, May 5, 2008

Just a pedantic idea.....

Hi all :)

Just an idea that was floating in my head one night. I have major trouble remembering all the different coloured cardstock I have - especially from SU! and thought, why not make a swatch of them? That way I can remember the names of them when I need to write down the card recipe. Great idea at the time, but didn't realise it was going to take me 2 whole hours to make - and that doesn't include the new colour range that SU! have just put out. I also like the fact that I can throw it into my handbag to take with me and match up elements whilst out 'window shopping' at scrapping and cheap stores. I have also (after taking this photo) stapled on ribbons that I have used that match the cardstock. I usually go to fabric stores for 'standard' ribbons as I find them quite cheap and I can pick them up straight away. Now on to that cardmaking I promised myself to do. I am planning on making Marelle Taylor's 'Mothers Day Wallet'. Yvonne designed a great one on her site which I want to try and emulate. Will take a picture when I have finished and post it on here.

Have a great night :)

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Shell07 said...

I dont think this is pedantic at all. Its a genius idea.