Saturday, May 24, 2008

Creating can suck at times..........

Hi all :)

I dont know about you, but at times I need a break from my very loving family. I get grumpy. Simple. My family sure knows it. I dont get them very often, but my dear MIL will, when she can, take my DS 20 months, over to her place to 'sleep over'.
The only way I like to take a break is to sit at my kitchen table with every possible scrapbooking and card making tools within reach and create. My dream is to be able to leave it this way for at least a couple of days - especially when the creative bug has hit at the last minute and it can't be finished.

BUT my dearest and mischevious son who is only 20 months old loves to show his mummy how creative he can be. It usually starts by DS grabbing at every possible thing he can before I can get to it, then if it looks like I am even going to get anywhere close to him, the best thing he thinks to do is chuck it! Doesn't matter what it is, be it plate, glass, tool or book. If it smashes or makes that breaking sound........'oh ohhhh' is what comes out of his mouth.
Now......the other weekend I had the perfect opportunity to create to my hearts delight when my dear MIL took DS off to stay with her for two whole nights! I only had DD 4 months to look after who can't get into much at this The disappointing thing for me was ....... I had a creative block!!!!!! Arggghhhh! I tried and tried, but those juices were down.
I only managed to create 6 cards. I never make more than one of the same card. I just think that they are either too complicated to replicate, or I am not 'that sure' about the look so tend to think on it a while. Saying that, I did think they all turned out quite nice, but am still disappointed that I didn't manage to make more. Maybe I need to start replicating them....even if it is to make me feel better!
After all of that, the recipe for this card was quite simple really. stamp sets - (one of my favourites)' Summer by the sea, cardstock - ballet blue, black, real red, watercolour paper watercolour markers - real red, brilliant blue, creamy caramel (I think), blush blossom accessories - aqua pen, red ribbon.
Will show the rest of the cards with recipe in the next couple of days. Thanks so much for looking :)


Sue Madex said...

Hi Tracy,
Love the watercolouring you've done here. One of my friends has this set and I can't wait to have a play with it one of these days. My DS (21 months) also loves to throw like your little one. He chucks things off his high chair then says 'Uh oh.' We keep trying to tell him it's not uh oh if you just throw it but he just grins at us!
Nice cards! I always love a bit of blog hopping to see all the lovely things people create.
Cheers, Sue

Melissa said...

My DS (20 months) sounds just like yours. Glad I am not the only one. I can also sympathise with the creative block, it is happening to me a lot lately.

Shell07 said...

Hi Cuz
I am loving this card. Colours are great. I am impressed with your stamping. Cant quite get the hang of it myself.
I also know the feeling of dread as those podgey little fingers come creeping from beneath the table trying to grab what ever is with in reach.