Sunday, January 18, 2009

8 months of love

Hi All,

well this isn't scrapbooking or cardmaking so if you aren't interested, now is the time to look away :)

My husband has finally finished our son's car bed. It was a labour of love. This also means our 1 year old daughter no longer has to sleep on the floor surrounded by cupboards to keep her on the mattress! LOL No mean feat I can tell you.

But I digress. I just had to pop a photo of the finished product - complete with spinning wheels, opening doors, toy box, and a drawer underneath (well that isn't quite finished so we are calling it a cubby house for now). I am so proud of my man. He isn't a carpenter, in fact, the only time he made something with wood was the cot (which is what our daughter is now sleeping in). Oh, will post pictures of that later. It is divine.

We had a bit of trouble with our son sleeping in it last night but then, he has been a little pain in going to bed at night anyway! Oh boy has he what!

Anyway, if you want more details, email me and I will tell you but didn't want to bore people with it - I just wanted to show how proud I am :)

Till next time, stay safe


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Sue Madex said...

Wow - great car! Your son must love that. What a super job.