Monday, June 16, 2008

Mother guilt and Baroque Motifs again.....

Hi All :)

Life is just too busy and tiring at the moment.

I have a 5 month old daughter who is absolutely adorable and scrummy, but who also has decided that feeding every 4 hours is necessary - no matter whether it is day or night, and no amount of coaxing will change her mind. My DH thinks that is my stubborness coming out in her - quite possibly (but it takes one to know one!). Needless to say, I have yet to get more than 3 hours sleep at a time *sigh*. Sometimes I just feel like a damn milk shop!

I watched a program about sleep deprevation on 60 minutes on Sunday. I watched as they put one of the presenters through a mini 'scientific experiment' - getting him to stay up for 40 hours straight. By the end of the test, this man couldn't even add up simple maths let alone drive a car!

Well there you go! I thought to myself. Is that the reason for my slurring of words; my forgetfullness; my wanting to reach for sugar instead of healthy foods; my inability to hold a conversation for more than a couple of minutes at a time or to remember things! Now with all of this sleep deprivation my family has gotten used to me saying "really? you told me that? when?". And this has been happening since my DS was born!

I find myself feeling guilty for not being able to give 100% to those who need me the most such as my darling DS 21 months. He loves spending time with me but unfortunately, his sister keeps getting in the way and he gets frustrated, so then I find myself trying to spend as much as my time with him when his sister goes for her nap. In the meantime, my house is a mess, we mainly eat leftovers for tea, and I feel myself nodding off at inopportune moments. Finding time for craft seems like a huge deal.

But besides all of this, I wouldn't swap it for the world. Those of you who know me, or read my blog on 'I've been tagged' a while ago would know that my two youngest are miracles as I was told (by a gynaecologist) I couldnt have any more children. (my DH just thinks that he is the hero in the story!). Both times were a complete surprise :)

Anyway, enough baby talk. The weekend was kind to me in that my dear MIL was able to take my gorgeous but extremely active and mischevious DS 21mths overnight, thus enabling me to spend Sunday with my only crafty friend Michelle making and designing cards. I was only able to make 2 standard and 2 small cards though - milk bar on call!

I must apologise for the camera shot of the first card as I just cannot get the colours right. I didn't show the other standard card but the colours are just reversed in the cardstock (ie. Purely Pomegranate as the card base and so on.....) The third picture is another one of those small cards I can never make enough of! (7 x 7.5) Recipe is:

Cardstock and Ink - Very Vanilla, Purely Pomegranate, Cameo Coral
Stamps - Baroque Motifs
Accessories - clear glitter embossing powder, stamp-a-ma-jig, vintage and earth elements brads.

The important thing I have learnt out of making these addictive cards is that from one sheet of cardstock from those three colours, I get to make two standard cards and two small cards (using the leftovers), even managing to get two scallop circle punches and the embellishments for all cards out of the same cardstock.

Sorry if it is long winded, and even sorrier if there are mistakes! My bed is 2 daughter asleep! my turn!.....zzzzzzz


Christine said...

Mother guilt, don't you just love it. My life is sounding a little like yours but I don't any babies to blame it on!!!! Don't stress you'll get there in the end.

Keesh said...

Hey Tracey, Love these Baroque motif cards! I especially love how you sparkly embossed the Swirls in the second one! A great idea! Thanks for sharing. Love Makeesha x

Shell07 said...

Gorgeous cards, gorgeous colours. Hope your able to catch up on that sleep soon. I understand just how precious it is.

travelingmama said...

Love both cards! So beautiful! I totally know where you are coming from about the kids. It seems like they take everything and more from us and then we get mad at ourselves when we don't perform at 100%. This mom business is the most rewarding job, but sheesh, sometimes it is tough!
Here's to a good night's sleep!!

Sue Madex said...

Hope DD discovers the joys of sleeping for REALLY long stretches overnight soon! And that you catch some zzzzzzzzs. Love the cards.

Anonymous said...

Love these cards, Tracey! I hope you are getting more sleep this week, :) K

Anonymous said...

Loving your Baroque work! I STILL haven't made a card with that set, though plenty of others have used my set to make lovely things.

Mother guilt *sigh* the bane of our existance. You are amazing - fitting in feeds and playtime and craft time!!

Banish the guilt - be kind to yourself. The flow-on effect of that is priceless to those around you.

Cass x

Robyn said...

Late comment to this post I know, but believe me when I say the guilt disappears in time... my 23 year old used to feed every 4 hours and did so until 6 months of age when the doctor decided it was time to stop and made me send my husband in for the 1.00 am feed. DS ended up getting a rude shock when he tried to nip on to a hairy chest. Eventually he got the message.
Anyway our children are our blessings and let me be one of no doubt endless ones who say the time goes so quickly ...
Love your blog. (Now did I get too heavy?)

tracy said...

Thank you for all of your lovely comments ladies. I think it is really nice that you all take the time to come on here and respond. Robyn I couldn't personally respond to yours because I dont have an email, but thank you for your kind words :) I am sure time will get easier as they get older (mind you, my 16 yo daughter but think it can't go away completely as I think it has to be a part of life :)