Monday, May 11, 2009

A home made Mothers Day card for me? No Way!

How was Mothers Day for you? Mine wasn't going to be particularly easy as my DH works until midnight so needs his 'sleep in' which leaves me to get up to our wonderfully gorgeous 2yo and 16mo. As my son always loves to get up 'immediately' at 5.30am - 6am, it is left up to me to go downstairs with him before he wakes up the rest of the house. I make a huge cup of tea and potter around and clean up.

Anyway, the night before mothers day, DH rang me at 9pm..........
"Hello my gorgeous" (he always calls me that *blush* how can I resist?).........."You know all your cardmaking stuff? Could you please select me some cardstock and embellishments (embellishments?.......he does listen to my ramblings!), and other things and leave them out on the table? Oh and have we got any wrapping paper?"

Wrapping paper was upstairs in DD room - guess that was too I swear DH gets later and later every year with this! Mind you I wasn't complaining as the usual fair is to get some form of printed up card from a hallmark card programme - shock horror I know!

Anywhoo, that morning, my darling 2yo decided that at 6.30am, his little sister also needed to wake up so went into her room, turned on her light on and sat in the cot with her. That would be nice and a complete 'awwwwww' moment except she wasn't at all ready to wake up and just sat there crying with her dummy in her mouth......great. This is got the makings of a great day.

Came downstairs with my deleriously tired DH who had crawled into bed at 2.30am that morning and had left all my craft stuff on the table - a playground for my darling DS!!!!

I received my card with much aplomb, which I have to say I was amazed and pleasantly surprised at what he come up with (details below), with my present (wrapped in butchers paper from our sons stash). I got a "okay, I am off to bed now - see you later'" and with a kiss he was gone!

The present was sweet - I found a pad of really good quality smooth watercolour paper (weight 300gsm) and told DH about it a while back and so he went back into the Art store and bought 3 different pads of various weights for me. Better than any flower!

And the card? Well, even though the verse was short, the simple process of him making that huge effort in using my (god forbid!) 'scrapbook stuff' to make me a card that he designed, meant more than all the pretty words in the world.......

Card process (as told by DH) "to start with, I had a look at what you laid out for me - I didn't want to use anything too expensive, so looked at stuff that you already had cut out - I decided on a pinky red and brown, so found colours I liked. I liked the printed up DSP and realised it was double sided so that was nice. I used a lot of already cut out shapes and used that as a border and as decoration inside the card. the rest is self explanatory"

Well, there you go. He made up for taking himself back to bed by making me scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast (10.30am) and making me fresh herb pasta to go with the rockin' yummy pasta sauce I made the other night :) Hope you all had a lovely Mothers day and thanks for taking the time out to read this loooong post!

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